The 9 Best Instagram Bio Link Tools
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The 9 Best Instagram Bio Link Tools

Finding the best Instagram bio link tool could be the key to upgrading your social media strategy. Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms in the world. More than 1 billion people log onto the channel each month.

On average, 70% of shopping enthusiasts use Instagram for product discovery. Plus, more than 200 million people use the platform to reach brands.

While Instagram has lots of benefits, there are challenges too. For example, Instagram only lets users add 1 link to their bio. This means you can only ever link to one page at a time.

If you’re trying to share a ton of great content or products at once, you need one of these Instagram bio link tools.

The Top 9 Instagram Bio Link Tools

Instagram bio link tools, or “link in bio tools” are special software built for Instagram. These services allow users to add multiple links to a single page for their viewers. When someone clicks on the custom URL you create with your bio tool, they’ll visit a landing page. This page will contain all the content you want to highlight.

A bio link tool for Instagram means you aren’t limited to 1 bio link. You can highlight every blog post, YouTube video, or product page you like. 

Some of the top Instagram bio link tools available are:

  1. Linktree: One of the most reliable Instagram bio link tools. You can track links and automate link scheduling. There are also images and icons for your links.
  2. Linkfolio: Designed for serious influencers. LinkFolio acts as an extension of your brand. You can share unlimited URLs and customize your link landing pages.
  3. One of the most advanced bio link tools. Created by Later, this tool allows you to weave links through your Instagram account.
  4. Feedlink: A mobile-optimized landing page that recreates your Instagram feed. Feedlink helps to maximize the potential of your Instagram account and boost conversions.
  5. Shor: An all-in-one environment for building social media landing pages. Shor helps to highlight your most important links easily.
  6. Campsite: Simple and easy-to-use, Campsite allows you to build custom landing pages. You can track marketing campaigns with UTMs and create carousels of images.
  7. Pallyy: A feature-rich tool with in-depth Instagram analytics. Pallyy can display videos, images, and other social media accounts. You can also monitor messages through the app.
  8. Lnk.Bio: A minimalist link in bio tool. You get a personalized URL and scheduling to determine when your links go live.
  9. Tap Bio: Create a mini site with all the important links you like. The system looks just like an Instagram story, making it familiar for Instagram users.

1. Linktree

Linktree Instagram link in bio tool

Perhaps the best-known Instagram bio tool on the market, Linktree has reliability at its core. One of the first tools to allow Instagram users more control over their links, Linktree is great for social growth. Every user gets access to a range of custom landing page templates, so you can build a branded experience for followers.

You can link to anything you like with Linktree. The solution works with videos, articles, web pages, and store content. With the more advanced version of the tool, you even get eCommerce features. You can accept tips or take payments within your landing pages.

You can also choose between a free and premium version of the tool. While the free version is limited in features, you can still use it to build a comprehensive page for Instagram links. The free version even has a drag-and-drop page builder for managing your content.

Key features

  • Newsletter email signup forms
  • Convenient drag-and-drop templates
  • Offline Linktree QR codes
  • Link scheduling
  • Link styling to highlight your most important links
  • Image or icon support
  • Custom background image
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Complete analytics on clicks, devices, and referral information
  • Integrations with tools like Mailchimp, Amazon, Google, and Facebook


The free forever plan offers unlimited links and QR offline access. You also get a handful of pre-designed templates. The paid service, starting at $6 per month is more comprehensive. You’ll get more features like analytics, third-party integrations, and customization.

2. Linkfolio

linkfolio bio link software for Instagram

Created by FamePick, an influencer marketing agency, LinkFolio is designed for growing influencers. Every portfolio looks beautifully made and professional, so you can make the right impression.

FamePick helps you to get the most from your Instagram accounts. There are unique features like “Collab Me”, which allows you to sell directly through LinkFolio. There’s also access to thousands of brands, which you can reach out to for Influencer partnership opportunities.

You’ll be able to share unlimited links in a single URL. Plus, a host of social media metrics help you to learn more from your link page. You can access things like link tracking to figure out which campaigns are getting the most attention.

Key Features

  • Collab Me for selling services to your audience
  • Connections to brands for influencer opportunities
  • Analytics on your Linkfolio URLs
  • Cross-linking to other social media accounts
  • Built-in contact forms
  • Marketing insight reports for industry knowledge


There’s a free version of LinkFolio available for beginners. The free service is suitable for 1 social account. If you want to link more social accounts and access the analytics suite, you’ll need a paid plan. Premium plans start at $10 per month.

3. Linkin.Bio bio link tool for Instagram signup page

Linkin.Bio is easily one of the most popular and advanced bio tools around. Rather than creating a single page with unlimited links, recreates your entire feed. Turning your Instagram profile into a microsite. Every post becomes a clickable, shoppable image.

With Linkin.Bio, you get extensive analytics to learn what your audience is interested in. There are even advanced features like blocks. Blocks make it much easier to showcase your main content.

If you’re trying to pull more shoppers to your products from your Instagram account, has you covered. The tool even lets customers shop directly from your Instagram feed.

Key features

  • Convenient content blocks
  • Drag and drop shoppable images
  • Make every image a clickable link
  • Add up to 5 links to each Instagram post
  • Mobile-optimized design
  • UTM tracking for Google Analytics
  • Schedule posts with Later
  • Shopify integration
  • Personalized URLs


In the free forever, you can have only 1 Instagram account connected and manage 10 posts. The paid plans start at $8 per month. The cheapest plan supports 30 posts per profile.

4. Feedlink

Feedlink insta bio link signup page

Created by Embed Social, Feedlink is a web and mobile-optimized page for links. You can share your unique URL in your Instagram bio and direct followers to a page full of content. The page supports any link to any platform, including YouTube videos, podcasts, and blogs.

As part of the EmbedAlbum product, you can even recreate Instagram posts on your page. This means you can add a custom URL to each post. Like many of the top Instagram bio link tools, Feedlink also supports shoppable links. So you can accept and manage payments too.

Feedlink is particularly well suited to companies and influencers looking for fast loading times. The AMP version pages load quickly on any device even with slower connections.

Key features

  • AMP pages for excellent mobile performance
  • Shoppable links for all of your Instagram posts
  • Analytics for traffic and views
  • Feed links for multiple Instagram profiles
  • Forever free account


Free as part of the EmbedAlbum platform when using photos from a single source. If you want to add images from different sources, you’ll need a paid account. EmbedAlbum packages start at $19 per month and go up to $99 per month.

5. Shor

Shorby link in bio tool for Instagram

Shor is another popular Instagram service for bio links. Its “SmartPage” builder helps create landing pages for multiple links. You can add your company name, logo, links, content blocks, stickers, and contact details to your “SmartPage”.

Plus, this Instagram link in bio tool supports custom domains and has a secure QR code generator. And comes with pixel tracking and Google Analytics.

Key features

  • Custom domain support
  • Support for all kinds of content, including blog posts and podcasts
  • QR code generator
  • Customization tools to match your own developped website
  • Click to call functionality


Five-day free trials are available. Pricing plans start at $15 per month for 5 Smart Pages. If you want advanced features like Google Analytics tracking or a custom domain, you’ll need a premium plan for $29/month.

6. Campsite

Campsite insta bio link signup page

Simple and effective, Campsite is an Instagram bio link tool anyone can use. Just like the other tools in this article, Campsite creates landing pages. Each landing page can host unlimited links and feature your Instagram images.

Campsite can pull your existing Instagram posts into a landing page for you. This landing page will look like your Instagram feed. And you add your links to images on this page. I was impressed that I could even add carousels with links to my page.

The clickable links on your Campsite landing pages are trackable. You can track marketing campaigns by generating campaign URL UTMs and create carousels of images. Campsite integrates with Canva to design visuals. This is something you don’t get from most competitors. Link scheduling is also available too.

Key features

  • Easy to use link in bio tool
  • Pull Instagram images from your feed automatically
  • Use your own custom domain
  • Create carousel images with clickable links
  • Highlight each Instagram link with animation
  • Track multiple links with UTM parameters
  • Integrate with Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Canva


There’s a free version of Campsite available. The free tool comes with unlimited links, link pinning, and carousels. For access to a custom domain and analytics, you need a paid plan starting at $7 per month.

7. Pallyy

Pally bio link tool for Instagram signup page

Considered the ultimate link in bio tool by many, Pallyy is an excellent service. You can create a custom landing page for your Instagram bio links and match it to your brand. There’s also access to buttons, and unique features to highlight your most important links.

Include links to your blog, products, videos, and other social media platforms. There’s also access to extensive analytics to help you find what works best. Pallyy, similar to Later, also allows you to schedule posts on Instagram.

Within your account, you can manage comments, view reports, and create content calendars. Rather than just getting a linking service, you get a full social media marketing tool. All this, and Pallyy is surprisingly easy to use too.

Key features

  • Unlimited links for each landing page
  • In-depth analytics for Instagram
  • Show all kinds of content on 1 page
  • Schedule and monitor social media content
  • Track and respond to social media messages
  • Create custom reports


There’s a 14-day free trial to test the service. After your trial is over, the price is $15 per month per social group. If you need to support more than 5 social groups, there’s also volume-based pricing.

8. bio link service for Instagram signup page

Ideal for beginners, is one of the more simple bio tools for Instagram users. The simple interface means you don’t have to spend hours learning to use the tool. But, you’ll only be able to use the service for one account.

With, you add links to a personalized landing page. You can also display images and videos from your Instagram account. Whether you’re linking to your latest blog posts or Google Forms for surveys, it’s easy to get everything set up. You can even schedule links to go live when you choose.

This tool isn’t ideal for a company in search of advanced features. But is perfect for solo influencers.

Key features

  • Add other social channels to your feed link
  • Custom images and backgrounds for your brand
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Option to use an external analytics pixel
  • Scheduling for your links


There’s a free forever plan for a single page with unlimited links. If you want a custom URL and link scheduling, you’ll need to pay at least $0.99 per month.

9. Tap Bio

Tap Bio instagram bio link tool

Tap Bio is one of the best link in bio tools around. It creates a mini-site of slides that are very similar to Instagram Stories. These slides feel like an app and can direct your followers to any link. 

The landing page creator is great for customization. Every page is mobile optimized and easy to manage. You can even create call-to-action cards or make cards with existing Instagram posts customers can tap on.

You can connect more than one Instagram account to the same page too! It’s a great way to showcase your collaborations.

Key features

  • Lots of options to link to external content
  • Statistics tracking and Instagram reports
  • Connect more than one Instagram account
  • Designed similarly to an Instagram story
  • Twitter card for Twitter connection
  • Retarget users on Facebook and Instagram
  • Email sign-up form card is available


You can create a single profile card and 1 additional card for free with Tap Bio. For access to more features and card options, you’ll need a monthly plan starting at $5.

Discover the best Instagram bio link tools

The best Instagram bio link tools are crucial for getting the most from your Instagram accounts. While Instagram can be a fantastic tool for gaining audience engagement and building brand reach, it has limitations. A single link is rarely enough to maintain high engagement with your audience. You need to be able to connect your audience to various locations online.

With an Instagram link in bio tool, you can create custom social media landing pages. These pages can contain everything from links to your best content to images and videos.

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