Kicksta Review: Is it a Legit Instagram Growth Tool?
Kicksta Review: Is it a Legit Instagram Growth Tool?

Kicksta Review: Is it a Legit Instagram Growth Tool?


Kicksta proposes to find the right audience and grow your account on your behalf. In this Kicksta review, we’ll see if Kicksta is actually useful, if it’s legit and we’ll go over its features and pricing.

Instagram has 1 billion+ active monthly users. This makes it a hotbed for marketers and influencers to find their target audience. Marketers understand this and constantly try to grow their audience on Instagram.

It’s not easy though. Growing audiences on Instagram is tricky. Finding the right audience, growing at a steady rate, and increasing engagement, all need time and effort.

This is where Kicksta comes in. It proposes to find the right audience and grow your account on your behalf. In this Kicksta review, we’ll see if Kicksta is actually useful, if it’s legit and we’ll go over its features and pricing.

Kicksta Review Summary

Here’s a quick rundown on Kicksta

  • Kicksta is an Instagram growth service for organic growth
  • Kicksta is safe to use
  • Growth is unpredictable because of the way Kicksta works
  • Kicksta works by liking posts from your account
  • Main features include automated liking and analytics dashboard
  • The biggest plus point is the ease of use and quick setup
  • The overall feature set is limited.

Now let’s get started. First up, let’s discuss what Kicksta is.

What is Kicksta?

Kicksta is an Instagram growth service to increase Instagram followers. They promise to grow your Instagram presence by using their social media technology. Created in 2015, they’ve kept their proposition consistent by offering real followers.

So how exactly does Kicksta bring you followers?

paid followers vs kicksta followers compared

The service finds profiles like yours. The Instagram bot finds your target audience and likes posts on your behalf. Sometimes they fall short of this promise. Instagram’s use of service conditions is against automation. So it’s difficult for Kicksta to keep finding ways to automate follower growth. They target accounts based on your preferences.

How does Kicksta work? (Setup)

Setting up Kicksta is quite simple. If you have an Instagram profile, set to a business account, you can sync it with Kicksta.

After you buy a Kicksta plan, you’ll log in with your Instagram username and password. 

Then you’ll fill in some information like preferred locations and hashtags. Kicksta will ask you to wait for 24 hours then. They’ll set up things from their end. When ready, Kicksta will start liking posts on your account’s behalf. It’s recommended you follow relevant accounts with large followings.

Kicksta’s main features

Kicksta doesn’t have too many fancy features. This is because the main focus is on growing your Instagram account. 

Target accounts you need

In your dashboard, you’ll choose your target accounts by selecting the audience most relevant to you. You study your competitors and see what kind of followers they have. And then target Instagram accounts that are most likely to be customers or influencers.

Stay up to date on performance

Kicksta shows you which hashtags and profiles perform well. It will tell you which hashtags or profiles bring you the best result and alert you when they are performing poorly.

Kicksta hashtags dashboard

When you see an exclamation mark in the health column, Kicksta suggests you unfollow the hashtag or profile. This happens when Kicksta has found all relevant followers through that hashtag or account. The bar graphs show you how well a certain hashtag performs. You also get information on likes and conversion rates for each hashtag. Kicksta reviews likes, comments, and other analytics. 

I like that this data is available for Instagram users. You can use it to tweak your approach and keep finding relevant hashtags to target. 

Like posts automatically

This is the main dish. Kicksta will like photos from your Instagram account using your hashtags and targets.

Kicksta doesn’t like 1000 photos a day. Their approach is slow and targeted Instagram growth. They also refrain from posting content or comments from your Instagram account.

How Much does Kicksta Cost?

Kicksta pricing plans

Kicksta has 3 plans. The Standard plan at  $49/month which lets you target 10 accounts.

The Kicksta Premium plan is $99/month and lets you target more accounts, more precisely. Then there’s the Kicksta Boost Plan $218/month which guarantees at least 850 new followers a month.

With the Standard Plan, you get the following Instagram growth features:

  • 10 target account, hashtag or geolocation
  • Onboarding courses

The Premium Plan offers the following Instagram growth services:

  • 40 target account, hashtag or geolocation
  • Profanity filter
  • Blacklist filter
  • Business accounts filter
  • Foreign language filter
  • VIP email support

The Standard Plan is best suited for entrepreneurs and small businesses starting out. The Premium Plan will be more useful when you want to grow Instagram followers quicker.

Is Kicksta safe and legitimate?

Kicksta seems safe and legitimate. No customer has even complained about their password/info being stolen. 

It’s legitimate because Kicksta’s Instagram growth policy is to target a few accounts a day. So you don’t get fake followers and bot accounts. It’s more about moderate growth to gain real followers. 

The risk: When you run automated features, Instagram sometimes flags these as spam. Usually happens when there is too much activity from one account (10,000 likes a month). But Kicksta gets real Instagram followers as it uses a low-frequency approach.

Kicksta support

Email support is available across plans while live chat support is only for customers on the Boost Plan. Kicksta also has helpful video tutorials you can watch to help you get started.

Kicksta’s pros and cons

As with all other Instagram growth tools, Kicksta has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s review the major ones.

What’s great about Kicksta:

  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • No software to install
  • Easy to use
  • Quick set up
  • Targets niche hashtags and accounts
  • Modest pricing
  • Allows you to go after your target audience based on specific hashtags and interests
  • Can support multiple accounts for Instagram users 
  • Doesn’t post or comment on your behalf

What could be better:

  • No free trial
  • ‘Likes’ as the only major tool for Instagram growth. 
  • Limited support for customers on the Creative plan
  • Real Instagram followers grow slowly

Kicksta alternatives

There are other Instagram growth tools that are comparable to Kicksta. Let’s look at some of the best Kicksta alternatives.


Nitreo, like Kicksta, focuses on organic Instagram growth. The service interacts with real users from your Instagram account to bring you followers and engagement. They have live chat support for all their paid plans.

Their bots are more clever when compared with Kicksta bots. No fake followers and healthy engagement rates, perfect for organic growth. Nitreo is worth a try if you’re looking for real Instagram followers. 


UseViral is another successful Instagram growth service for increasing real followers. UseViral works with a network to provide you with real Instagram followers. You choose exactly how many Instagram followers you need so you can be more certain with your Instagram growth. 

There’s a refill guarantee for Instagram users if you fail to retain followers you get with Useviral.


Growthoid is the best option when you want to avoid any fake followers and get genuine Instagram followers. 

You partner with your account manager and give them targeting instructions. They get you real, relevant followers without you having to spend hours on Instagram.

Task Ant

Task Ant gives you up-to-date information about hashtags. It comes with search and filtering features. You can create precise targeting approaches to grow your Instagram followers. 

They offer 24/7 live chat support and flexible pricing so you can stay most focused on your account growth.

Kicksta Review: Final Verdict

Kicksta is a decent tool to attract real followers on Instagram. It lacks features like a dedicated account manager and offers moderate growth. But for the price and ease of use it offers, it is one of the top Instagram growth tools and worth trying out. If you don’t like it you have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Getting new Instagram followers isn’t easy. Especially if you’re doing it organically. Expect to get more Instagram followers with Kicksta’s Instagram. New followers will trickle in over time and you’ll have to stay patient.

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