The 10 Best Courier Companies in the USA
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The 10 Best Courier Companies in the USA

When it comes to shipping goods across the United States, there is no better way to do it than by using a courier company. These companies have the experience and infrastructure in place to get your packages where they need to go quickly and efficiently. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the best courier companies in the USA and what makes them stand out from the competition.

1. FedEx

FedEx has always been known for its reliability and efficiency. These critical leadership qualities have enabled the company to grow into one of the largest courier companies in the world. 

Fedex website

Operations in 220+ countries and 650+ airports allow FedEx to reach a global customer base. Its dedication to quality service means that businesses and individuals can trust that their packages will be delivered on time and in good condition. 

FedEx top features:

  • Schedule and manage pickups
  • Service alerts
  • Extraordinary ground delivery services
  • Redirect packages
  • Design and print services
  • Unique IDs for each package 
  • Ground and air logistics

In an increasingly competitive market, these features give FedEx a clear advantage. If you want to shop online from Canada, or deliver a package, FedEx does that too.

2. United Parcel Service

United Parcel Service (UPS) is an American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company. The global company is headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia, which is a part of the Greater Atlanta metropolitan area. 

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Some History Behind UPS United Parcel Service

UPS has a long history dating back to 1907, when 19-year-old Jim Casey founded the American Messenger Company in Seattle, Washington. Casey started out with a few bicycles and a telephone to take orders from local retailers who needed urgent deliveries within the city. 

Soon enough, he had a small fleet of messengers on bikes delivering orders all over Seattle. In 1913, the company was renamed United Parcel Service and began expanding nationwide by acquiring other messenger services. 

By 1930, UPS had become the largest parcel delivery service in America with nearly 1,000 locations across 48 states. Throughout the years, UPS has continually expanded its operations and now offers a wide range of services including ground and air.

UPS top features:

  • Operates its own airline and air cargo service based in Louisville, Kentucky
  • UPS delivers more than 22 million packages per day to nearly 8.9 million customers
  • Shipment management for large enterprises
  • Support for online businesses
  • Same day delivery options

Along with FedEx and USPS, UPS is one of the big three package delivery services in the United States.

3. Pace Couriers

Pace Couriers is a US courier company based in Alabama that offers 24/7 service. The company has a comprehensive ground transportation logistics system that is customized to meet the specific needs of each client. 

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The main focus of the courier company is on servicing the retail trade, as retail is a rapidly growing sector in the United States. 

Pace Couriers Top features:

  • Express courier services
  • Pool distribution services
  • Freight forwarding services
  • Shipment tracking

The company’s extensive experience and knowledge of the retail industry allow it to provide an efficient and cost-effective service that meets the unique needs of each client. Pace Couriers is committed to providing the highest level of customer service and satisfaction.

4. DHL

DHL is a Germany-based international logistics company. The company has a massive network in the USA and experience of over 50 years in the shipping industry. DHL delivers 26000+ pin codes through a wide network of shipping companies. 

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The company operates through its divisions: DHL Express, DHL Parcel, DHL eCommerce, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Supply Chain, and others. The company’s headquarters are in Bonn, Germany. 

DHL top features:

  • Overnight delivery services
  • Systematic and punctual deliveries
  • freight forwarding, domestic shipping, and warehouse management services
  • Customized logistics services are available

In the United States, DHL handles logistics for businesses ranging from small to enterprise levels. The company has a workforce of over 380,000 people worldwide and reported a revenue of €57.6 billion in 2020.

5. ShipBob

ShipBob was founded in 2014 with the goal of simplifying eCommerce fulfillment. The company provides easy, quick, and simple solutions that are integrated with major platforms such as ShipStation, Amazon, and eBay. Today, ShipBob is one of the leading providers of courier services and fulfillment services for eCommerce businesses in the USA. 

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The company’s unique approach has allowed it to grow quickly and serve customers all over the world. In addition to providing excellent service, ShipBob is also committed to innovation. The company is constantly exploring new ways to improve its services and provide even better value to its customers. 

ShipBob top features:

  • Streamlined fulfillment service
  • Save costs with distributed inventories
  • Order management portal
  • Services such as receiving, packaging, and delivery of products

As eCommerce continues to grow, ShipBob will be there to help businesses succeed. If you’re running an eCommerce operation like subscription boxes, ShipBob will prove to be a great partner.

6. Spee Dee Delivery Service

Spee Dee Delivery Service is a Minnesota-based courier company that provides unique, speed- and pricing-based delivery solutions. The company offers less than truckload (LTL) delivery, on-call pick-up service, and pick-up tag service which are each unique in their own aspects. 

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LTL delivery provides an economical way to move smaller shipments that do not require a full truckload. On-call pick-up service allows customers to schedule a pick-up time that is convenient for them.

Spee Dee Delivery Service’s top features:

  • On-call pickup service
  • Easy shipment tracking and cost calculation
  • Blazing fast ground deliveries in the mid-west region
  • Pick up tag service

Pick-up tag service is a new service offered by Spee Dee that allows customers to tag their own shipments for pick-up. This new service is unique in that it offers customers a way to save time and money.

7. Lasership

LaserShip was founded in 1986 and has since become one of the largest same-day and next-day delivery courier service companies in the United States of America.

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They are especially well-known for their eCommerce retail services. In 1993, they delivered their first package and have expanded rapidly in the years since. Today, they provide package delivery services to a variety of clients, including major retailers, manufacturers, and eCommerce businesses. Their delivery area now extends across the East Coast, from Virginia to Massachusetts, with plans to expand even further in the future.

LaserShips’s top features:

  • same day deliveries
  • 10-35% cheaper than competitors
  • customized delivery solutions
  • fast deliveries for e-commerce companies

LaserShip is committed to providing fast and reliable delivery services that meet the needs of its clients. Thanks to their innovative use of technology and dedication to customer service, they have become one of the most trusted names in package delivery.

8. Central Courier Company

Central Courier Company has been providing leading shipping solutions for over 44 years. Incorporated in 1976, Central Courier is the oldest and largest same-day messenger and courier service provider in California. 

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Central Courier offers a full range of shipping services including on-demand, same-day, next-day, and ground delivery. With over 44 years of experience, Central Courier is the preferred choice for businesses and individuals who need their shipments delivered on time and on budget. 

Central Courier Company’s top features:

  • Medical courier services
  • Regional parcel service
  • Fast delivery
  • Warehousing for computer parts

Central Courier’s delivery services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether you need your shipment delivered across town or across the country, Central Courier has the experience and expertise to get the job done right.

9. Sky Postal

SkyPostal is a courier services company that was founded in 2001 by the Hernandez family. The company was created in response to the need for improved cross-border mail and parcel services to Latin America, the Caribbean, and Mexico from the United States and Europe. SkyPostal has since become a part of the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network. 

sky postal website

The company provides its services to both businesses and individuals. Businesses can use SkyPostal’s services to send packages to their customers in other countries. Individuals can use the company’s services to send packages to family and friends who live in other countries. SkyPostal has a wide range of services that it offers its customers. These services include package tracking, package insurance, and package forwarding. 

Sky Postal’s top features:

  • Parcel deliveries
  • Mail delivery
  • Cheap Latin American courier service
  • Amazon SPN services

SkyPostal also offers its customers the ability to pay for their packages using a variety of payment methods, including PayPal and credit cards.

10. United States Postal Service (USPS)

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is one of the largest courier companies in the world, delivering almost 48% of the world’s mail. It has over 160 million residences, 34,000 retail locations, and over 6,30,000 employees in the United States. 

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The USPS has an excellent customer service rating and provides a variety of services such as package delivery, money orders, and postal banking. 

United States Postal Service top features:

  • Easy label printing options
  • Cheap stamp prices for bulk deliveries
  • Accurate shipping price calculations
  • Loyalty programs for regular business

It also has one of the largest computer networks, which helps it to provide a variety of services to its customers. The USPS is a reliable company that provides excellent customer service and a variety of services to its customers.

Find yourself the right US courier company

Courier companies are essential service providers. They are the backbone of the USA’s large logistics and infrastructure network. It’s important to find a courier company that you can trust.

With so many great options in the USA, it shouldn’t be hard to find one that meets your needs. A 3PL directory can be a helpful tool in your search. Do some research, ask around for recommendations, and compare prices before making your final decision. We hope this article, along with utilizing a 3PL directory, has helped make the process a little bit easier.

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