The 12 Best Online Shopping Sites in Canada
featured image: The Best Online Shopping Sites in Canada

The 12 Best Online Shopping Sites in Canada

Looking for the best online shopping sites in Canada? Look no further.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of our favorite online retailers, and provide you with information on products, prices, and shipping. Whether you are looking for clothes, designer labels, or anything else, we have you covered.

Best online Department Stores in Canada

1. Hudson’s Bay 

Hudson’s Bay is a Canadian department store, and the online shop has been up and running since 1997. They also have 89 locations in 7 provinces across Canada.

The website offers many product categories covering clothing, homeware, accessories, and more. 

hudson's bay website

The store itself is easy to navigate. The menus are well structured, and you can hover over any category to reveal products in it, it has a user-friendly design which is essential for user experience. It’s a great example if you’re looking for online business ideas for your own.

There are regular sales on the website, along with chances to use coupon codes. Do sign up for their newsletter and you’ll get juicy deals in your inbox. 

If you’re a Canadian, you’ll enjoy free shipping for purchases above $49. They also provide same-day and next-day delivery, but that’ll cost you extra.

Hudson’s Bay has been active in Canada for many decades. Besides their physical and e-commerce expansion, they’re also active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube. Follow them there to learn about new deals and promotions.

2. Holt Renfrew 

Holt Renfrew is a chich online department store. It can also be considered a designer brand but its online shop offers a variety of products. The business itself is very old, founded in Quebec in 1837. The online store is more recent, but still pretty old in internet years. Starting way back in 1998.

Holt Renfrew offers clothing, shoes, jewelry, watches, accessories, and grooming products. They regularly execute campaigns and often collaborate with other brands and designers.

Holt Renfrew website

They promise free shipping for carts over $100 in value. You can expect your products to arrive in 3-7 days, or alternatively pay a bit for quicker deliveries.

Holt Renfrew also has accounts on all popular social media websites. So you can also follow them there to keep up with new campaigns and releases.

Best fashion & beauty online stores in Canada

3. Gee Beauty 

Gee Beauty is a family-run beauty store. They have locations in Toronto and Miami, with their e-commerce site active since 2004.

You can shop online for skin-care products, make-up, and wellness products. Gee Beauty’s navigation is easy to follow. The top-level navigation has drop-down menus that quickly reveal products from all categories.

gee beauty website

Gee Beauty offers free shipping for all orders above $100 in value. They also send free samples with that. If you’re looking for expedited shipping, you can get your products delivered within 2 business days for $15.

Gee Beauty has active social accounts on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Facebook. The cool thing about their brand is they put a lot of focus on their branding. Their Instagram is buzzing and growing, something you should consider for your own brand.

4. Consonant Skincare 

consonant skin care online shopping

Consonant skincare is an online skincare shopping site from Canada. They started business in 2010 and offer their own line of products.

You’ll find products are affordable prices. They include creams, masks, moisturizers, soaps, lotions, body kits, and more. Consonant deals in natural products that don’t include artificial ingredients. They also offer services like cold laser facials. 

Consonant skincare charges flat rates on shipping, but you can waive off this cost if your order value is above $72.

5. Sephora

Sephora is a french-multi national company but they also have a dedicated online store for Canada. They’ve been in business since 1970, with their website live since 1996.

While shopping online on Sephora, you’ll find make-up, skin care products, moisturizers, creams, shower gels, and more. In total, they offer around 3000 products online. If you’re a fan of their products, sign up for one of their subscription boxes. These are bundled products that are paid for and delivered to your customers every month.

sephora canada website

Sephora is offering free shipping on all orders for its Canadian customers with the code: FREESHIP. You can opt for quicker shipping by paying $12 with your order.

Sephora is also active on all popular social media platforms. You can follow them there to stay updated on new products and promotions.

Best online Clothing & Accessories stores in Canada

6. Christian Louboutin 

Christian Louboutin is a popular online clothing and accessories store in Canada. The company was founded in 1991 by world-famous designer Christian Louboutin. 

The website is designed with an air of sophistication. The company wants its website to evoke the same emotions its products do.

Christian Louboutin canada website

You can shop for bags, accessories, shoes, and wallets. They also have seasonal campaigns on the website, where you can pick out items to fit a theme or season.

Shipping in Canada is free and can take between 2-6 days. There are also paid options for expedited shipping.

7. Alexander Wang 

Alexander Wang is a clothing brand by an American fashion designer of the same name. The company has an exclusive online store for Canadian customers.

Their product line includes t-shirts, tops, sweaters, sweatshirts, skirts, dresses, swimwear, and more. With options for men and women both. Most products have a distinctly rustic look for them and are made with premium quality. They usually also come with a heavy price tag.

Alexander Wang canada website

Canadians can expect to get their orders delivered in 2-5 days. 

Best online homeware & appliances stores in Canada

8. Candian Tire 

Canadian Tire is a homeware brand that’s been in business for almost a hundred years. Their online shopping website has been live since the year 2000.

The company has products in categories such as Tools & Hardware, Sports, Pets, Outdoor Living, and auto parts. You’ll find almost anything home-related on Canadian Tire.

canadian tire website

Shipping fees will vary according to your order value. Shipping starts at $4.99 and you can expect to have your products delivered in 1-2 business days.

9. Design Milk 

Design Milk is an online homeware store that sells in Canada. They’ve been in business since 2006.

They offer kitchens, outdoors, pets, offices, and wellness products. They also have an active blog that shows how some of their products can be used in everyday situations.

design milk canada website

As it’s a designer store, you’ll pay a premium on most products. But the products are high in quality and have a unique aesthetic look and feel.

There is no free shipping for Canadian customers, and the price is automatically calculated at checkout.

10. Amazon Canada

Amazon Canada is a one-stop online store for all kinds of products. The company has been operating in Canada since the year 2000.

amazon canada website

Amazon offers almost anything you can think of. There are electronics, homeware, hardware, fashion, gaming, and computer products, among a few categories. The best part about Amazon is, it’s easy to find deals. Sometimes there are discounts, while other times you can buy used versions of your desired product. Which cost a lot less than buying them new. But not only this, on Amazing you can also sell your own products and even start an online clothing brand.

Your shipping rate and time of delivery will depend on the products you select. You can choose standard shipping, which takes 3-6 days. Or One-day shipping, which costs more.

Amazon isn’t just limited to products. People can sell services too. If you’re interested in becoming an Amazon seller, check out our guide on how to make money with Amazon.

Best online Nutrition & Wellness stores in Canada

11. Healthy Planet Canada 

Healthy Planet Canada opened up their website for business in 2010. They sell health and wellness products all across Canada and have physical stores too.

Healthy planet Canada websie

The store offers vitamins, supplements, beauty products, herbs, kid products, and pet health products. They regularly have deals on their website and sometimes you can find attractive prices for all sorts of health products.

Healthy Planet offers free shipping on all orders in Canada, above $60. You can expect to get your orders delivered between 1-10 days.

12. Navafresh

Navafresh is a recent startup, starting business in 2021. They offer a range of nutritional products, along with health care items. 

Navafresh website

Their line of nutritional products includes supplements, vitamins, sports products, healthy snacks, meat, and meat substitutes. You can also shop for healthy grocery items at Navafresh.

There is no free shipping for orders. The amount will depend on our checkout cart value. Most orders are delivered within 7-25 business days.

Best online stores in Canada – Get Shopping

Many Canadians are looking for the best online shopping sites to find deals on gifts for their loved ones. Whether you’re searching for the latest fashion trends, beauty products, home decor, or appliances, we’ve got you covered with our list of Canada’s best online department stores. 

Our top picks include some well-known names like Hudson’s Bay and Canadian Tire, as well as a few lesser-known gems like Design Milk and Gee Beauty. So whether you’re looking for last-minute gifts or want to start your holiday shopping early, read on for our recommendations on where to shop online in Canada.

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