Email A/B Split Test – let the best one win
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Email A/B Split Test – let the best one win

It is no secret that people scanning their inboxes only give 1 – 2 seconds for each email to even consider if they want to open these emails or trash them without opening. What does this mean to email marketer?

It means that you need to learn to write a winning subject.

However, what does this mean? Even after  you gain some experience, and you come up with several seemingly good options, how do you know which one will get more emails opened? There is no such thing as equal subjects! One will inevitably be better than another, but how do you know which one?

The best way to do that is to… not know.  A/B Split Test email campaigns have become an indispensable tool. It allows them to simply come up with two subject lines, A and B, and then

Let the subscribers decide which subject is better!

For example, when sending a campaign, you can choose A/B Split campaign

Campaign sending is pretty self-explanatory. Add two best subjects you can come up with, adjust the size of your test audience moving the slider left or right, set the delay time and send!

Your email system will automatically select the best subject based on the open rates after the time delay and will then send the rest of the emails using the same winning subject.

Think of this as a subject competition. The one that wins, has a right for survival ๐Ÿ™‚

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